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musiqa li falasteen

Transmission is a space for lengthy video broadcasting and slow viewing. It moves from a place of undisciplined impulses and draws inspiration from contestational and anti-establishment strategies for image making and dissemination. But it really is as simple as just a space not too concerned with intelligibility were images come one after the other for sensible viewing. Sometimes, the broadcasts travel outside of their dedicated online space for augmented viewing experiences, do message me at maqamtvchannel@gmail.com if you wish to screen one of the episodes in your physical or online space.

musiqa li falasteen

musiqa li falasteen is a 4 hour long compilation of songs of Palestinian joy, lament, longing, solidarity and resistance.
It’s · · · a refuge, a path, a portal;
an embrace, a call, a prayer, a hand on a chest, a fist;
a seed, a fruit, an ocean, a star, a stone.

musiqa li falasteen was stitched from words, patterns, textures, gestures from Palestine, and beyond in the region, to honor the Palestinian people, their musical and poetry legacies, and the ways by which their sumood is expressed. It truly was a spiritual exercise for me to put this composition together, and I hope the exercise of watching it does something similar to you too. musiqa li falasteen serves also as an audiovisual educational and research resource for anyone to feed their repertoire with and to expand on the organic bound between music and resistance.